Leviticus – Joshua

Leviticus – Joshua

The book of Leviticus is difficult to understand. In this lesson we will get a perspective of the symbolism that surrounds the “Shop of Worship”, and how each symbol was placed there to help the people of God understand their relationship with Him and with the Messiah that would come, and the work he would perform The cross of Calvary. Each item of furniture pointed to the promised Redeemer, the Christ.

The theme of the book of Joshua is faith, the kind of faith that conquers and possesses all that God desires for His people. Many of us, as with the Israelites, do not experience the spiritual blessing that God wants us to have: prayer, Scripture, communion, worship are things that God gives to each believer. We appropriate prayer by praying, and we appropriate the Scriptures by reading them, understanding them and applying them. We appropriate our spiritual possessions one spiritual step at a time


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